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Altitude685 m
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Airport Málaga0 min / 0 km
View of the village

View of the village


Comares sits like a fortress atop a 700 metre high hilltop and has wonderful 360 degree views over the Axarquía region – from the 2000 metre high mountains of the nearby sierras, to the far-reaching horizon across the sea. The square of the village is known as 'the balcony of the Axarquía'. Distance to the coast is approximately 25 kilometres and via the old country roads it is approximately 35 kilometres to Málaga.


Comares seen from the Mesa Comares seen from the Mesa

Comares is a Moorish and typical white village with white painted tall houses and steep and narrow streets, which make it difficult to access by car. On the slopes of the neighbouring hills grow olive and almond trees, as well as holm oaks and carob sometimes out of strangely formed rocks. The old tracks which meander through the landscape to the town are still visible and can be recognised by the signage identifying them as walking routes.


View from the cemetary View from the cemetary

Comares has approximately 1400 inhabitants, of which 800 live in the village. The remainder live in outlying hamlets – small numbers of houses huddled together – such as Mazmullar, Llano Almendra, Las Cuevas, Los Ventorros and El Romo to name a few. Many of the original families have left the village and moved to the towns – making a living from the land is increasingly difficult. The older people still live in the village or its farmhouses, cultivating the land in the old way with traditional tools and mules. Living in the village for younger people has become more attractive in recent years, due to more modern agricultural methods, improved infrastructure and growing tourism.

The Village

Comares: main square Comares: main square

Comares, despite changes in the last few years, is still typically andalucian. The labyrinth of narrow streets and the flower bedecked houses and patios invite you to tour the village. Comares still lies off the beaten tourist track. Any foreigner that does visit however is warmly welcomed. In Comares there are typical tapa bars and many small shops. Nearby are two small hotels, restaurants, a supermarket, banks and two schools. There is a summer only open air swimming pool.


The old Moorish Castillo The old Moorish Castillo

The name Comares comes from the Arabic Qumaris or Hins Comarix and means "fortress on the hill". The existence of Comares can be traced back to the Romans. Ruins near Mazmullar, some 2 kilometres out of the village, have been dated back to the year 900. Due to its height and inaccessibility Comares was deemed perfect as a military outpost. The Castle is one of the three most remarkable in the Axarquía; founded by the Romans and rebuilt by the Arabs its foundations can still be seen. Old wells in the area supplied water to the village and in 1931 were classified as historical monuments. The church Nuestra Señora de Encarnación, built in the Mudejar style, dates back to the 16th Century.

Places to visit

View from the 'Balcon de la Axarquia' View from the 'Balcon de la Axarquia'

There has been extensive investment in the village in recent years. Amongst some of the historical sites, the parochial church and the old Castle were restored, and walks following the steps of the Moors were created. In the square of the village can be found the Molino de los Abuelos a hotel and restaurant which has been created around the beautifully restored olive mill. Many old details were retained and the mill room is now home to the restaurant. There are fantastic views across the rooftops of the village houses from the ruins of the old Castle.


Plant Plant

Comares has one musical folk group which plays at all the summer fairs – a group known throughout the Axarquía. This musical style, which originated from the old Moorish romances, also contributes to the flamenco style. Here we have a crossover of oriental sounds with song, dance and instrumental music.

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