Casa Axarquía

What we can offer

Once you have found your dream house in Andalucia and happily and successfully completed the buying process, for many people there is still more stress to come. The electricity and water supply contracts must be changed, direct debit instructions set up at the bank, and the property must be registered in the new owner´s name at the Registry and Catastro. Then perhaps you also need to employ local builders to extend or renovate your new home...

We can assist you with all of these issues. Knowing how much time it takes in your own country to do such things, you can probably imagine how much more stressful it is to attempt to do the same in a country whose systems and procedures are not known to you, and in a language which is not your own.

In addition we are happy to visit your property in your absence to ensure that all is well, and organise and manage any maintenance work or building work which may be required. We can meet and greet your guests/visitors and are always available should you have any questions at any time.

It´s difficult to list all the services we can offer here on the website, so give us a call on telephone: +34 952 517 151 or contact us by e:mail at