Map of the Axarquía


The Axarquía is the most easterly "Comarca" or Administrative Division of the province of Málaga. The name comes from the arabic ¨sharquiyya¨ meaning ¨the East¨. The area is bordered to the south by the Mediterranean sea, to the east by the mountains of the Sierra de Tejeda and the Sierra de Almíjara, to the north by the Sierras de Camaroles, El Joba and Alhama and to the west by the Montes de Málaga and the River Guadalmedina.

Land and Vegetation


The Axarquía area is located not far from the sea and is known for its highest mountain, Maroma, reaching some two thousand meters above sea level. Most of the land however has gentle hills covered in olive and almond trees. There are also carob and holm oaks. In the river valleys grow lemon and orange trees, as well as Chirimoya (custard apple) and Níspero (medlar). In recent times the cultivation of avocado and mango fruit has become widespread. A large variety of fruit and nut trees are cultivated, and vegetables of all kinds grow well here.

In the middle of the Axarquía is Lake Viñuela, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the province of Málaga.



Given that Andalusia was one of the earliest settlement sites in Europe, there are many stories about arabic springs, roman bridges or phoenician tombs. On a trip around the various parts of Andalucia, one will always come across historical names known throughout Europe.

Fiestas and Ferias


The Andalusian people have pleasure and enjoyment in the blood, and they take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate! Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a big event at Easter, as are the Romerías, or horse fairs in May and June. August is also a time of celebration in most parts of Andalucia. But there are various celebrations throughout the year such as the Day of the Vine or village festivals which have their roots in Andalucia´s arabic foundations.

Holidays in Paradise


Owing to its remarkable climate - mild winters and warm, sunny springs - and its proximity to the Mediterranean which tempers the heat of the summer, the Axarquía is a wonderful place to holiday all year round. There is something here for everyone: active holidays with walking or mountain biking, cultural holidays with visits - all possible within a couple of hour´s drive - to Granada, Córdoba or Seville, or just holidays for relaxation, lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine and enjoying a cold beer in one of the many bars and restaurants.

A growing economy

For those who wish to make their home here in the Axarquía, it is worth noting that in recent years there has been an upsurge in investment and business in the province of Málaga.