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You are seeking your dream property in Andalusia...

...or simply a house to dream in Spain.

Our real estate agency offers a wide range of property in Andalusia, more precisely in the Axarquía area, inland from the Costa del Sol. Our properties include plots of land - with or without a ruin - up to beautifully restored country farms, andalusian fincas, townhouses or newly built villas. Search our list to see what we have to offer.

If you don´t find what you are looking for or have any questions, please telephone us on + 34 - 952 51 71 51. We can assist you further in the search for your dream home.

Please enjoy our selection of properties for sale.

Holidays in the South


If you wish to spend your holidays in Andalusia, the warmest region of Europe, ask us about properties we have available for rent. We offer a wide range of andalusian houses, apartements, villas and fincas. We can assist you with your search by telephone, or send us an e:mail at

Maintaining your home


So you own a property here in the western Axarquía, but don´t want to spend your holiday time in Andalucia on decoration and repairs, official paperwork or the search for reliable tradesmen.

We will look after your property in your absence, appointing appropriate tradesmen to carry out any necessary works. Additionally we can liaise with any tenants of your property. We can assist with paperwork, furnishing and maintenance – anything that you may require.

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Countryside, Climate, Culture


The Mediterranean climate and enchanting landscape, temperatures which nearly never fall below freezing, subtropical vegetation and open and warm people who enjoy and celebrate life at every opportunity, are what makes living in this part of Spain so enjoyable. All of this, plus its diverse history and modern culture, make Andalucia one of the most varied and exciting regions in Europe.

We offer information about the country and its people - search our website for interesting links and please send us any suggestions.

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